How EMA makes exhibiting easy

Exhibiting at a trade show is undeniably a great way to expose your company to the public and create more buzz around your brand. That’s why you might consider participating in an Asian show for the first time or exhibiting in Asia more frequently than you do now. But with so much already on your plate, finding time to prepare for your participation can seem impossible. Stand design, communication with suppliers, keeping an eye on deadlines… We understand that it’s overwhelming. But fear not: EMA is here to help you! We take the project management from start to finish off your hands, so you can focus on what you do best. EMA makes exhibiting easy for you and this is how we do it.


Our easy-to-use form saves you lots of time

We have created a straightforward, easy-to-use form that you can complete in a matter of minutes. We’ve carefully designed it to gather all the essential information, while making sure the time investment on your part is reduced to a minimum. The form’s questions prompt you to think about your preferences for your stand, which smoothens the process of bringing your vision to life. Additionally, when we receive the completed form with your booth request, it gives us lots of information, saving you precious time that would otherwise be spent on emailing back and forth and answering questions. Time you can spend on your business, while we prepare your quote and reach out to suppliers.


We know which of our trusted partners in Asia are your match

With our extensive experience in managing projects at international trade shows, EMA has longstanding relationships with trusted suppliers throughout Asia. As you’ve provided us with your stand ideas and budget, we are able to match you with the perfect stand builder and suppliers to fulfil your specific wishes within said budget. It saves you a lot of time on searching for the right fit! Of course, keeping costs in check and communicating with your stand builder and suppliers are all part of our project management, so you needn’t worry about any of that.


We know what rules you need to comply with at trade shows

So you have all these great ideas for your stand at an Asian trade show. You can already imagine how incredible it will look. You’re not completely sure if what you have concocted is actually possible, though – both technically and budgetwise. And does your vision actually adhere to the exhibition rules of the trade show you’re participating in? There’s no need to worry: our 16+ years of experience has provided us with knowledge of what rules you must comply with. We make sure that your stand adheres to the organization’s rules, so you won’t run into last minute issues of having to change anything.


Our team is here for you to get the best results

The EMA-team works closely together and makes sure that you get a swift reply to all of your questions. We keep you engaged and well-informed on the progress of the project, without burdening you with unnecessary information. We only send you what you need to know, so you’re not spending your valuable time on ploughing through endless email strings. Our goal is to make your participation easy and save time, remember?


We make sure you meet every deadline

Similar to any other project, trade show participation comes with deadlines. You need to send in your stand design for approval, order show services and of course your graphics need to be ready in time for the trade show. Fortunately, EMA has got you covered, so you don’t need to fret. We make sure you easily meet every deadline and remind you of them if needed. You can just sit back and… Well, maybe not relax, but at least you don’t have to keep an eye on deadlines. And that’s definitely a win!


Are you ready to participate in a trade show in Asia?

We would love to help you by taking the entire project management from design to on-site setup and dismantling off your hands. Fill out [this form] and let’s get started!