3 Reasons why trade shows in Asia are great to exhibit your business

When it comes to exhibiting your business and putting your brand on display, you can go just about anywhere in the world. So why would you specifically choose Asia? What makes it stand out from other trade show locations? We give you 3 reasons why you do not want to miss out on exhibiting your business at trade shows in Asia.


Asia is an upcoming market in the trade show industry

With over 11,000 trade shows (2019) in China alone , you cannot dismiss Asia for your exhibiting endeavours. The numbers have obviously dipped due to the global pandemic, but we have every reason to believe that Asia will pick up where it left off as the rising star of trade show locations that it was prior to COVID. Can you even start to imagine how many opportunities lie within the continent for your business? With trade shows in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore and so many other great cities, you have many options to choose from to exhibit your business. It’s just so easy to meet up with existing or new partners, suppliers and (potential) clients, all while exhibiting at a trade show in Asia.


You reach high amounts of potential new clients at trade shows in Asia

Having the option to meet each other online is great, but nothing really beats the impact of meeting up face to face when it comes to connecting with one another. A study among 15,000 respondents that was conducted when the peak of the pandemic was behind us, shows that 72% of existing visitors plan to attend trade shows with the same or increased frequency in the future. With the incredible amount of trade shows that Asia has to offer, taking part in them is a great opportunity to showcase your brand to a large audience of potential clients all at once.


Trade shows in Asia are a go

While the rest of the world slowly opened up, some countries in Asia still had COVID restrictions in place. But thankfully, Asia is now open for business and trade shows are a go. Visitors are welcome once again. However, we do advise you to check if there are any requirements such as face masks or proof of vaccination or a negative PCR test result. They vary per region, so make sure you are well prepared for your visit.


Want to tap into a new market? Or dive deeper into an already familiar market?

Exhibiting your business is exciting, but taking up the project can be overwhelming. So much to do and so little time, right? We would love to help you by taking the entire project management from design to on-site setup and dismantling off your hands. Fill out [this form] and let’s get started!



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